Professional Services

Irrigation Design

No two-sprinkler designs are alike because no two properties are alike. A well-designed system can cover a yard with precision and efficiency that hand watering and hose placement cannot. With accurate management of your watering timetable, you are sure that the correct amount of watering is going where it is needed, and when it is needed.

Sprinkler Installation

Compliment your outdoor living space with a custom home irrigation system. Wilson Water Systems can design and install your irrigation system from start to finish. Not only will your landscaping be beautifully maintained with minimal effort, but also your investment will be protected year after year.

Our systems installations are created for minimal disturbance of your property.

When your project is complete, you’ll have a new automatic irrigation system that will keep your lawn and garden beautiful year after year. The system will deliver water only where and when it is needed, saving you money.

Sprinkler Maintenance

Wilson Water Systems sprinkler maintenance makes owning a lawn sprinkler system easy. We can start up your irrigation system each spring and perform complete irrigation system checks, making sure all components are working properly, and adjust sprinkler heads as needed to restore 100% coverage.

And then at the end of the season we can return to winterize your lawn sprinkler system to prevent damage from the freezing cold elements.

Back Flow Testing

Wilson Water Systems is a certified back flow tester.

Installation of Water Pumps

Pumps do not last forever, and we do install new replacement pumps.

Timer Controls

A timer controls how much water goes where and when based on your instructions. We install timers that are user friendly and reliable.

Sprinkler Repairs

If your sprinkler system is not performing the way it should, be sure to call Wilson Water Systems to evaluate and resolve any problems. We offer the following sprinkler repair services:

  • Repair or replace pumps
  • Find and repair leaks
  • Repair or replace valves
  • Check and set controllers
  • Automate your systems
  • Adjust components
  • Raise, lower and replace heads
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